Chiropractors in the UK aspire to owning their own chiropractic business and it is the reason the majority go into the profession.


Associate chiropractors can earn a good living in the right practice but having to pay out, typically, 50% of income to the practice owner gets tiresome after a while for those who know they could manage their own practice, subsequently keeping all their income and perhaps even reaping income from their own associate!


Is this a familiar feeling to you?

Chiropractors typically require commercial finance for:

  • Buying a chiropractic clinic
  • Starting a chiropractic clinic
  • Chiropractic equipment purchase


Start up business loans for chiropractors are available from banks and other specialist lenders. The application process is fairly standard but there are some significant variations between transactions depending on your experience as a chiropractor, the lender and the value of loan required.

That’s why it pays to have the help of specialist finance broker, Kevin, who used to work on the other side of the fence as a finance lender. He knows the application process and how to get the results you need.

Assisting with the set up, purchase and expansion of healthcare businesses is what we do. Contact Kevin, for an initial conversation to explore your options.

Buying a chiropractic clinic

The 11 simple step process:

  • Find the right practice for you to buy
  • Open up conversations with the practice owner
  • Assess the financial accounts for profitability
  • Review the formal chiropractic practice valuation, if available
  • Consider if there are opportunities for growth or expansion
  • Prepare your own financial forecast, factoring in your own personal financial requirements and situation
  • Start researching commercial finance options
  • Work with a specialist commercial finance broker to start applications
  • Finalise paperwork and negotiations
  • Agree terms with seller for dates and deadlines
  • Start developing your chiropractic practice management skills!

Starting a chiropractic practice

An alternative to buying a chiropractic clinic is to set one up from scratch.

The process of how to start a chiropractic practice varies for every chiropractor. Consider the following:

  1. Where is the best location to set up? Carry out market research to ensure there is a sufficient market demand in the area and it is not too inundated with competition for a new business to succeed.
  2. What costs are involved with setting up? This will depend on if you are buying or leasing a property, how many treatment rooms you have, if you are to have staff or not in the first instance. Prepare a cost analysis and take into account everything from stationary to clinic supplies and advertising.
  3. What income do you need to draw from the business? As part of the cost analysis note your personal requirements for living costs. Do you have a buffer of funds for personal use or is the business expected to support you from the offset?

When obtaining commercial finance for setting up a chiropractic clinic it helps to have someone on your side that knows the process of applying for specialist finance.

Chiropractic equipment purchase

Both new and established practices need to update their chiropractic equipment from time to time.


When you do, specialist lenders on the market will give better rates than others.

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