How we work

By your side from start to finish

Working with Saroma is straightforward. Kevin will be the main and point of contact from start to finish. We can guarantee:

  • One-to-one bespoke assistance with your entire finance application
  • Professional guidance with key decisions along the way
  • Honest feedback at all stages of the process

Step 1 - Initial Consultation

Time to get to know your goals, aspirations, plans and ideas, both business and personal

Step 2 - Assessment of personal finances

A clear understanding and analysis of your personal financial situation is vital to ensure the business can support it

Step 3 – Assessment of business finances

A full assessment needs to be made of the business accounts and a practice valuation, if available, in order to summarise the current financial position based on actual data

Step 4 – Prepare a financial forecast

When starting a new business from scratch this will be a requirement by the lender however a financial forecast is a useful tool regardless for you to use to assess if you are on track as the business develops.

Step 5 - Research commercial finance options

This includes exploring the whole of the market to determine which is the best deal for your circumstances

Step 6 – Communicate and consult

Decide which arrangement is the best for you and your business

Step 7 – The application

The all-important part of the process is the application and knowing exactly how to fill this out to satisfy the lenders.

Step 8 – Manage the loan to drawdown

The loan isn’t finalised until the funds are in your account! Chasing solicitors and lenders and managing everything until the final day is essential as is ensuring the terms and conditions of the loan are favourable for you.

After Care

Whilst many transactions for commercial finance do have a definite start and finish date, here at Saroma we are interested in caring for your business finances after the loan has been finalised to ensure you are getting the maximum attention and assistance.


3 key reasons why we can raise commercial finance when others struggle

  1. Saroma help with producing Financial Forecasts to strengthen the application – these are prepared using tried and tested templates that lenders are familiar with and gives them all the information they need to make a quick and accurate decision
  2. Saroma are focused on building lasting relationships with commercial finance lenders who understand the value of a healthcare business.
  3. Saroma have extensive knowledge of commercial finance, healthcare industries and how to achieve results. Meet Kevin Saunders – with over 26 years experience working on the other side of the fence for a leading lender of finance to healthcare professionals.
Assisting with the set up, purchase and expansion of healthcare businesses is what we do. Contact Kevin, for an initial conversation to explore your options.