Veterinary practice owners come to us for help with a variety of financial needs and requirements. Saroma has helped many veterinary practices to fulfil and develop their dream of running a successful business by organising and managing the commercial finance process from start to finish.

Assisting with the set up, purchase and expansion of healthcare businesses is what we do. Contact Kevin, for an initial conversation to explore your options.

Buying a vet practice?

This can be a daunting decision, especially if it is your first business. Working with a professional who understands the commercial finance process can eliminate some of the stress and reassure you that you are making the right decision based on factual financial analysis.

Setting up a vet practice?

Setting up a business from scratch is an exciting challenge. However, it often takes a while for a good level of income to be generated so it’s essential to ensure that the calculations are accurate, else it could be both your business and personal life that suffer. Specialist lenders can make the process easier too as they have helped many other vets with the same transaction.

Buying veterinary equipment?

All vets need to purchase new or updated vet equipment from time to time. It helps with productivity to use equipment that is reliable and not out of date. There are plenty of options for vets when it comes to raising commercial finance for veterinary equipment. Saroma can help you to find the best deal for your circumstances.

Expanding a veterinary practice?

If business is going well, you may be considering expanding your business. This could be from relocating to new premises, opening another branch or just expanding business operations. Sometimes the business can financially support expansion however at other times it may be necessary or just preferred to obtain commercial finance for the transaction.

8 steps to raising commercial finance

  1. Determine the level of finance required for the transaction, whether that is a purchase, set up or for another commercial purpose
  2. Calculate affordability for the business to support the finance loan repayments by preparing a Cash Flow Forecast and Profit and Loss Account Projection to support the decision and the application, if required
  3. Assess personal finances too – to ensure the business or new venture can provide enough income to meet lifestyle expectations
  4. Research lenders who can provide the best rate of interest and who can complete the arrangement within the required timeframe
  5. Start the formal application process
  6. Gain offers for comparison
  7. Finalise the application paperwork and manage the communications until the point the funds are available
  8. Ensure that everything goes according to plan with the final stages and months following the commencement of the loan arrangement

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