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For many years we have been helping healthcare professionals to obtain finance to fulfil their business goals and aspirations.

Commercial finance for healthcare professionals

In the current economic climate many people are struggling to obtain the funds they need to:

  • Start a new healthcare business
  • Expand an existing healthcare business
  • Buy or buy into an existing healthcare business

If you are in the process of setting up or buying your own healthcare business, or, if it is an objective on the horizon, we can help you raise the finance you need.

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Practice set up loans

Starting a business from scratch takes time. Typically, the amount of time depends partly on the available resources and investment.

  • Ensure you are able to promote your services with an initial advertising budget
  • Ensure you have the necessary equipment to do your work properly
  • Have funds in reserve to pay yourself in the first few months until income is generated


Many healthcare professionals come to us for an injection of up-front funds to get them started.

Practice purchase loans

Typically, the option with biggest financial investment is to buy an existing healthcare business. Anyone venturing down this path is full of excitement and new ideas, yet on the other hand has many questions:

  • Is it the right business for me? Can I make it work?
  • Is the profit sustainable?
  • Is there is an opportunity for growth?


Buying a healthcare business can be hugely rewarding and profitable. It’s important to know though that it is the right decision for you and to assess in advance the potential Return on Investment.

Freehold property purchase

From time to time relocation is essential to business growth and development. As is refinancing an existing property when the term comes to an end.


Subsequently, many existing business owners come to us to help with obtaining a commercial mortgage.

Buy in loans

It is a common transaction for a healthcare professional to purchase a share in an existing healthcare business. It can accelerate success and help achieve short and long term goals for both parties.


We help healthcare professionals to raise the funds to purchase a share in an existing business so they can start to reap a share of the profit.

Practice expansion, including, stand alone refurbishment

Many healthcare professionals find themselves in the position of wanting to expand their business yet needing that injection of finance to support the ideas and demand of their existing trade.


Commercial finance can accelerate business expansion so you can start to move your business forward, sooner.

Second charge lending

Second charge lending allows you to draw equity within your business property to use for other purposes.

Tax loans

It happens from time to time, a large tax bill and insufficient funds in the bank to pay it. Commercial finance can bridge the gap whilst you get yourself back on your feet.


A few things we know about healthcare professionals:

  • You are busy people and don’t always have sufficient time for research and form filling
  • You want honest, up front advice about financial issues that you haven’t dealt with before
  • You understand the value in working alongside a specialist who can take away some of the stress around this important transaction.
Assisting with the set up, purchase and expansion of healthcare businesses is what we do. Contact Kevin, for an initial conversation to explore your options.