Case Study

Dr Patricia Seyf – South West London

A year later I can look back and say that if it wasn’t for the help and guidance from Kevin at Saroma Limited, I would not be in the position I am today; running my own successful and expanding dental practice in West London.


I had always wanted to own a business and my decision to start a practice from scratch rather than buy an existing practice, was largely because I was keen to put my stamp on it from the start. My experience as an associate dentist enabled me to establish clear ideas on how I saw my own business working and the look and feel of the brand I wanted to develop.


When I met Kevin, I was already someway into the process of seeking finance for a business start up, however, I had been disappointed and was beginning to give up on my dream of being my own boss. Several banks had declined my application on the basis that the projected income proposition was not strong enough and it wasn’t presented in a way they could commit the finance I required.


Kevin worked with me to redraft the cash-flow forecast and income projections based on his knowledge and understanding of how a first year squat dental practice could perform. In order to do this, Kevin and I talked in detail about my plans for the business and he reviewed my personal financial data as well, to support the documentation.


As Kevin had worked for one of the leading banks for many years he knew the information they needed, how it had to be presented and what we needed to do together to progress the application to the next phase.



A full brief was drafted by Kevin, in a “lender friendly format” to take into account my business plan as well as the revised financial documents.


Rather than just making appointments with whoever was allocated to my case, as I had been before, Kevin made personal phone calls to his contacts within the banks to discuss my bespoke situation and arrange meetings with specialist lenders who had previous experience of financing start up practices.


Kevin worked with me through every step of the process, presenting my case on my behalf to the lending bank.


Subsequently, the loan was drawn up in time for the building work to commence and I was so happy to be able to open my practice within my expected timeframe.


A year later I am ahead of target and the practice continues to grow. One key reason for this is that the cash flow forecast target was set at the right level and the loan clauses were met.


This is my story. If you are ambitious and want to set up your own healthcare business from scratch, Kevin is wonderful to work with; helpful and knowledgeable and can help you get the break you need with minimum stress.


Dr Patricia Seyf
South West London